Green plywood cabinets outfit Maharishi store in New York City

Plywood is used to make cabinets, nooks and dividers inside this olive inexperienced retail store in Lower Manhattan that Brooklyn studio ABA has designed for London streetwear model Maharishi.

Maharishi by ABA

Designed by architects Emily Abruzzo and Gerald Bodziak of Abruzzo Bodziak Architects​ (ABA), the store in New York’s Tribeca neighbourhood is Maharishi’s first location outdoors London.

The US outpost measures 1,280 sq. toes (119 sq. metres) and has an oblong plan with massive home windows going through the road.

Maharishi by ABA

ABA designed the plywood cabinetry as an intervention that will additionally protect the house’s historic particulars.

Original wooden flooring are painted in the identical inexperienced shade, whereas historic white moulding and concrete stay left untouched.

Maharishi by ABA

“We left the existing space, with its historic facade and ceiling — as a found condition,” Bodziak mentioned.

“This highlights, by contrast, the new, olive green shop inserted within.”

Maharishi by ABA

Inside, partitions are coated in a gridwork of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and nooks created from the pine plywood.

The industrial materials is usually painted in inexperienced color supposed as a reference to Japanese gardens and army provide warehouses.

Maharishi by ABA

Some parts are left naked to reveal the grain and golden tone, matching the wooden that can also be used to type garments rods inside the volumes.

“In this way, something straightforward – warehouse-like shelving – is imbued with character much in the same way that the brand’s clothing reinterprets utility,” Abruzzo added.

Maharishi by ABA
Photo by Rafael Gamo

Maharishi’s garments are positioned sparingly all through the storage items. In addition to the grid of cabinetry, the crew has created optical illusions in the store by putting mirrors in the back of nooks to present views of clothes on two sides.

Wherever the mirrors aren’t positioned, cabinets and cabinets are constructed to have a bodily double.

Maharishi by ABA
Photo by Rafael Gamo

Each storage part is accompanied with a Japanese customized woven cotton that may be rolled all the way down to convert it from show to storage.

This characteristic was included as a result of the store serves as each a retail showroom and a distribution hub for the model.

Maharishi’s Tribeca store is complete with a corridor coloured a pale grey, and a stairwell with a perforated railing in the rear that leads to a mezzanine level.

One of the plywood built-ins has an open back to reveal this access point.

Maharishi by ABA

Maharishi was founded in 1994 by British designer Hardy Blechman, as a streetwear brand produces fair-trade, utilitarian clothing with natural hemp fibres, organic cotton and recycled military clothing.

Maharishi by ABA

Other stores in New York City are a Lunya store styled like a “glitzy, upscale apartment”, a denim shop for R13 by Leong Leong and a Brooklyn outpost for direct-to-consumer brand Everlane.

Photography is by Naho Kubota unless stated otherwise.

Project team:

Design: ABA
Structural engineer: A Degree of Freedom
Lighting: Dot Dash
Contractor: Kerim Aydagul
Curtain fabrication: Curtains for You
Furniture fabrication: Level Craft
Finishing: Canopy Creative
Creative consultant: Devon Turnbull

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