DIY simple low-tox surface spray

Here’s a simple surface spray.

You most likely have already got On Guard sitting in your equipment. Make certain you utilize this oil day-after-day.

Toss out the chemical substances and change to this. It works!

I made a decision about 10 months in the past I used to be going to cut back the toxicity round my dwelling and on my physique. It was to assist my temper, my vitality and general well being. You can learn extra about that right here. Plus I used to be doing a disservice to my youngsters and their very own well being/hormones. I’ve three teen boys and CALM is sweet in our home ha!

Also, it’s less expensive to go low-tox. Seriously it’s! You could make up batches of low-tox cleansing merchandise which lasts months and months. I’ve some extra recipes right here.

You’ll simply want three issues

  • Bottled or boiled and cooled water – faucet water can develop micro organism, so be sure to use boiled or bottled water.
  • White vinegar – it’s superb for many all-purpose cleansing as a result of it’s acidic, is a superb disinfectant, and may inhibit the expansion of micro organism. It’s excellent on mould, grease and mineral deposits within the bathe.
  • Essential oils: highly effective and efficient due to their antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal properties.

I’ve chosen to make use of the doTERRA On Guard important oil mix (clove, eucalyptus, wild orange, cinnamon and rosemary). You can learn extra right here about why CLOVE oil is so good for cleansing.


  • Glass set off spray bottle. This one is 250ml and you’ll see the place to purchase bottles right here.
  • 20 drops On Guard important oil
  • Half fill with white vinegar
  • Top with cooled boiled water

You can use this spray EVERYWHERE! Bathrooms, kitchen sink, laundry, eating desk… The better part is that you’ve all these elements at dwelling able to prime up your bottle once you’re operating low.

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How do you begin with important oils? Read this publish!

♥ KC.

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