Cow-print tiles and Tetris-style orange furniture feature in Russian cafe

Russian architect Eduard Eremchuk used Tetris-like orange modular furniture on wheels to unravel the issue of restricted area in a tiled cafe in Rostov-on-Don.

And Y cafe is on a sq. subsequent to the Don State Public Library in town in southern Russia. With a lot of universities in the realm, the proprietor of And Y cafe predicted a excessive stage of footfall in the realm.

To address lots of people in such a slender area, Eremchuk designed a set of modular-furniture blocks with wheels on their base.

And Y Cafe by Eduard Eremchuk

“The shapes of the furniture were inspired by Tetris cubes, which are also transformable and very mobile,” he instructed Dezeen.

“The space came out very flexible and you can change its organisation literally every day.”

And Y Cafe by Eduard Eremchuk

The geometric benches and stools are product of mesh and have been produced by a Rostov-on-Don furniture firm known as Delo.

A protracted desk for a giant group of individuals has rounded column stands and was made by an area manufacturing unit.

And Y Cafe by Eduard Eremchuk

By the home windows, prolonged tables with chairs or excessive stools supplies seating for particular person guests to the cafe. All the furniture is realised in an identical “energetic” shade of orange.

To make the cafe emulate the design of a subway station, Eremchuk chose different tiles for different surfaces.

And Y Cafe by Eduard Eremchuk

The kitchen hatch is tiled in glossy, blue, square tiles, to contrast with the white walls and grey-tiled floors.

In the bathroom, cafe visitors get a surprise in the form of the “unexpected cow pattern” of the wall-to-wall black and white tiles.

And Y Cafe by Eduard Eremchuk

Even the sink is tiled in cow print, with simple white taps protruding from the zany wall.

Back in the main area of And Y cafe, screens on ceiling mounts are the main decorative feature, aside from a couple of pot plants dotted around the space.

And Y Cafe by Eduard Eremchuk

The screens play “meditative videos about urban cities, lifestyle, nature with glitch filters” to create what Eremchuk described as a “super futuristic atmosphere”.

Previous projects designed by the Russian architect include a concept shop with pink furry walls, and a florists with a sci-fi interior featuring a glowing ceiling.

Photography is by Inna Kablukova.

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